Water Games (ZW)

Water is thicker than blood!

An adaption of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy Of the People. Written by Christopher Mlalazi. (Photo: Jens Vilela Neumann)

An adaption of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy Of the People. Written by Christopher Mlalazi. (Photo: Jens Vilela Neumann)


SEPTEMBER 9th and 10th
Nationaltheatret, Bakscenen

Performed in English.

A German-Zimbabwean humor tragedy about dirty drinking water in the developing world.

An unnamed city is facing a looming health hazard – the drinking water has been contaminated by waste material from leaking sewer pipes. A doctor from the city’s health department has discovered this hazard, and he takes his results to the Mayor with recommendations on how this disaster can be averted. But the Mayor, who is the doctors brother, accuses him of being an alarmist – an enemy of the people.

Water Games is a fresh version of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the people, specially adapted for the current political and social situation in Zimbabwe. The performance discusses power structures, freedom of expression and the problems with water supplies – themes that applies to most countries in the developing world, where economically disadvantaged citizenry find themselves faced with dirty drinking water or acute water shortages.

But often it’s not only the water that is dirty: Authorities responsible of supplying cities with clean and healthy drinking water are also benefiting financially from this state of affairs. What happens when powerful institutions feel that their thriving businesses are threatened by the possibility of clean water for their citizens?

Water Games includes film, live music and a good dose of humor – because the Zimbabwean audience loves to laugh in the theatre. Just like the Oslo audience do.

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Festival performances:
9. SEPTEMBER 18:00
10. SEPTEMBER  14:00
10. SEPTEMBER  16:00

Jens Vilela Neumann

Jens Vilela Neumann is a theatre director who works internationally with various partners as artistic director, lecturer, filmmaker and author. The content of his work has mostly a political and social nature. Themes like migration, transcendence and resistance are his focus. He has already worked with numerous performers in different countries and cultural contexts: with professional actors in state theaters as well as in the free scene and also produced through Paradise Garden Productions professional performing arts projects in Mozambique, Angola and Zimbabwe.

Music: Cornelius Mupondirio, Kudzai Sevenzo
Set design: Lena Newton
Actors: Kudzai Sevenzo, Michael Kudakwashe, Tichaona Mutore

Produced by Paradise Garden Production.

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