EXHIBITION: Festival artist Marianne Heske

Several free exhibitions during the festival!

Photo: Marianne Heske (Detalj)

Photo: Marianne Heske (Detalj)

The National Theatre

How to capture the mood in Ibsen’s plays – in pictures?

Marianne Heske is the Ibsen artist of the National Theatre during this year’s festival! Heske’s video paintings from the series Mountains of the Mind reflect the same mountain landscapes where Henrik Ibsen found his inspiration for the plays Brand, Rosmersholm and Peer Gynt. Mountains, with their dramatic shapes and light, are a classical metaphor in all art. She found her inspiration travelling in western Norway and across the mountains of Jotunheimen.

Marianne Heske has studied art in Bergen, Paris, London and Maastricht, and actively exhibits in Norway and abroad.