The Cypher

The circle. The core of hip-hop.




SEPTEMBER 10th 21.00
Nationaltheatret at Torshov

The Cypher. A code, a language, a ritual. An arena where you can shine.

The Cypher is the place where you feel the most safe, a place where you can survive. But it can also be a battlefield, a struggle between ego and styles. You have to show who you really are. The Cypher is a magical circle that creates unity.

SPKRBOX has gathered rappers, beat boxers, slam poets and dancers from the USA and the Nordic countries to conduct a ritual together: to explore the cypher and share their stories.

While every verse, every poem and every rhythm is sent around the circle, we zoom in on who we are. What we believe in, what we fear and what brings us together. The audience is invited to participate as a witness.

The Cypher is led by the acclaimed American hip-hop artist Baba Israel from New York. He brings his long time collaborator with him, the musician, beatboxer and multi-instrumentalist Yako 440.

What is The Cypher?

The Cypher, a central element in hip-hop culture, whether you rap or break, means people in a circle. One by one artists enter the circle and deliver their stuff. Everyone around supports and cheers.


Baba Israel

Musical supervisor: Yako 440 (US) Slam poet, actor: Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa (N).  Dancer: Toby DeeDaran (D) and Markus Andreassen aka Dark Mark (N). Slam poet: Jon Magnus Arnarsson (IS). Slam poet: Henry Bowers (S). Beatboxer: Kaila Mullady (US). Slam poet/actor: Craig muMs Grant (US).