Hip hop theatresports

Stor Overraskelse with Baba & Yako 440.

Photo: Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen.

Photo: Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen.


SEPTEMBER 8th 21:00

Nationaltheatret at Torshov

SPKRBOX proudly presents a very special performance. A result of a meeting between Norway's leading impro rap group Stor Overraskelse and the American hip-hop artists Baba Israel and Yako 440.

Stor Overraskelse is theatre sports in a hip-hop garb. Everything is improvised. The show is interactive, and the audience can influence what is happening. The guys behind the concept are the best in Norway in their field, they want to push the limit for what is possible and for who you can reach with rap. Skranglebein and Nils m/Skils improvise accurate, heavy-hitting rhymes, while the extraordinary one man band, beatboxer Droolian, creates the rhythm.

Baba Israel and Yako 440 are acclaimed hip-hop artists from New York. Baba is a rapper, spoken word artist and a popular lecturer. Yako 440 is a musician, graffiti artist, beatboxer and multi-instrumentalist. The two have worked together on different projects for several years, and both have long experience with playback theatre. Playback theatre is improvised theatre where the audience share stories from their lives, followed by the stories being played out on stage.

Two different, but similar projects. Two different countries. With their long experience and special competence in their fields, Stor Overraskelse, Baba and Yako 440 now meet for the first time, to gather inspiration from each other and develop their concepts further and to make a show where everything is affected by the surroundings. The audience is a part of the decision-making process that determines what is happening.

This way, every performance becomes unique, and it is being created in the interaction between the artists and whoever is present.


Actors: Skranglebein, Nils m/Skils, Droolian, Baba Israel and Yako 440.