Speeddate with the artists and Open Mic

The best from the SPKRBOX people.

Photo: Johanne Bjørseth.

Photo: Johanne Bjørseth.


SEPTEMBER 7th 21:00
At Nordic Black Theatre/Caféteatret

Get to know the SPKRBOX artists!

Many of the artists contributing to this year's SPRBOX gather to do a showcase at Nordic Black Theatre / Caféteatret. Our fantastic host Zeps is our MC for the night. He has a short chat with each artist, before they enter the stage and show us what they are made of!

Expect phat beats, funky rhythm and stellar talent. And knowing Zeps, he will probably make the artists share a secret or two with the audience.

After the speed date, it's Open Mic session, where everyone can test their talent in the limelight.

MC for the night is, as noted above, the Brooklyn-based Puerto Rican rapper Zeps. With his positive energy and unbeatable freestyle skills, he’ll control the evening with gusto. SPKRBOX is delighted to bring him along for the third year running.



Brooklyn-based Puerto Rican rapper. For almost ten years, he has been travelling to Norway on a regular basis to work with Norwegian musicians, producers and dancers.