All is as it should be

A concert performance without script and score.


SEPTEMBER 10th 22:30
 at Cosmopolite

Hip-hop meets folk music. Ninety minutes in the area between the prepared and the unprepared with some of the best musicians in the country. The fantasy of the moment.

All is as it should be is a concert performance in the area between hip-hop, jazz and folk music. The feelings and emotions in the room decide the content in the lyrics and the grooves the musicians play. It's fun, it's playful, but there is also room for sorrow, loss, analysis, aggression and other sentiments and moods. The audience captains the ship without hijacking it.

MC for the evening is Per Olav Hoff Mydske, a.k.a. Skranglebein, known from legendary Fredrikstad-based hip-hip group Pen Jakke. A wordsmith and freestyle master. During the performance, the east coast hip-hop Skrangle has grown up with meets the folk music he has come across the last three years. Underneath we find the freedom of jazz, both in expression and method. But suddenly, everything turns to folk song. And then, all of a sudden, world music.

We also get to meet SPKRBOX’ own festival artists on stage. You will experience beat boxing, rap and spoken word. Guest stars, both local and international, participate when we sum up this year's SPKRBOX festival.




MC: Per Olav Hoff Mydske a.k.a. Skranglebein. Percussionist and drummer: Jens Linell. Double bass/cello: Magnus Jr. Larsen.  Hardingfele/vocals/mandolin: Tuva Syvertsen. Viola: Erik Sollid. Organ: Vincent Velur. Flutes/Jew's harp: Steinar Ofsdal. Saxophone: Rolf-Erik Nystrøm.