Writing Workshop with Fredrik Høyer

The Voice and The Rhythm. Poetic Texts for The Stage

Photo: Øyvind Schou.

Photo: Øyvind Schou.


SEPTEMBER 6th AND 7th 11:00–15:00.

Fredrik Høyer is a Norwegian writer and poet from Drammen who lives in Oslo. He is primarily known for his performances in spoken word and slam poetry, where he creates a mix of rap and stage effects in texts about almost anything, but often with a reflective and serious undercurrent. 

In 2014 he debuted as a novelist with Månehund & fatter’n, and in autumn 2016 he will follow up with the slam poetry collection Grønlandsūtraen, both as a book and a recording. 

Fredrik Høyer also arranges writing classes for creative writing and slam poetry. During SPKRBOX he will arrange a two day writing workshop (2 days, 4 hours each day) focusing on spoken word, rap, slam poetry and performance texts. The workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about the genre, about writing their own stage material and about creative writing in general.




Fredrik Høyer