SEMINAR: Ibsen and Hedda Gabler in Iran (EN)

Scholars, artists and audiences in discussion

Photo: Anders Lien.

Photo: Anders Lien.



Is it acceptable for a Norwegian ensemble to play Hedda Gabler with a shawl in Iran? What happens to art if it succumbs to censorship? Which roles do Ibsen and Hedda Gabler play for women’s liberation in Iran?

Visjoner Teater triggered a heated media debate in Norway when they visited Fadjr International Theatre Festival in January 2016. The debate concerned how Norwegian stage artists accepted subjecting themselves to Iranian censorship in their interpretation of Hedda Gabler.

Visjoner Teater performs Hedda Gabler med sjal [Hedda Gabler with a Shawl] at Sæterhytten 19 September at 18.00. The seminar continues on 20 September at Sæterhytten, Bygdøy, and includes panels, lectures, presentations and artistic meetings with well-known actors from Norway and Iran.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join the seminar which highlights Ibsen’s relevance for equality today.

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Professor Helge Rønning
Farin Zahedi, professor/instructor
Massoud Rayegani, professor/instructor
Karin Moe, writer and literary critic
Inger Buresund, artistic director at Hålogaland Teater and the leader of Ibsen International. 
Frode Helland, leader and professor at Centre for Ibsen Studies, UiO. 
William Nygaard, Norwegian PEN and chairman of Visjoner Teater. 

Tove Bratten, Danse og Teatersentrum DTS. 
Erik Hillestad, Kirkelig Kulturverksted.

From Visjoner Teater: 
Actors: Juni Dahr, Nina Woxholtt, Hauk Heyerdahl, Robert Skjærstad, Lars Øyno
Tonje Gotschalksen, instructor, Marianne Roland, producer
Juni Dahr: Actor, director and artistic leader of Visjoner Teater

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In collaboration with: Visjoner Teater, DLT, The Norwegian Embassy in Teheran, Sæterhytten.