Samfunnets støtter (The Pillars of Society) (NO)

High stakes in power and love.

By Henrik Ibsen. (Photo: L-P Lorentz)

By Henrik Ibsen. (Photo: L-P Lorentz)


SEPTEMBER 11th and 12th
Riksteatret in Nydalen

The performance will be performed in Norwegian.
Duration: 2 hours (with intermission).

Exciting as a crime story, fiery as a romantic novel, topical as the 9 o'clock news. Samfunnets støtter (The Pillars of Society) is Ibsen at his most entertaining.

The play is about romantic infidelity, lies and secrets – and especially honour, career and sly business practices. Everyone admires consul Bernick, an exemplary family man, who creates jobs and takes a responsibility for economic growth in his city. Little do people know that this visionary pillar of society has built his career and marriage on a lie. When the truth about the past forces itself to the surface, he has to find a way to salvage his reputation. But is he a penitent sinner, or is this once again just a front?

Danish director and former head of Betty Nansen Teatret, Peter Langdal is known for his immersive productions of the classics. Together with a top team of eleven actors, he creates an Ibsen classic with a clear pointer towards our own time.

Samfunnets støtter (The Pillars of Society) is a production staged as a collaboration between Riksteatret and Nationaltheatret. 


Get a sneakpeak of the performance here:

High entertainment value
— VG
Fast and intense Ibsen (...) this wil appeal to a lot of people
Vivid, good theatre
— Vårt land
The lie, the truth and freedom (...) a theatrical roundabout
— Aftenposten
Solid as a rock (...), well played by a star-studded cast
— Fædrelandsvennen
Relevant and funny about the power of double standards
— Dagbladet

Festival performances:
11. SEPTEMBER 19:00
12. SEPTEMBER 15:00
12. SEPTEMBER 19:00

Peter Langdal
Artistic director for the influential Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen for 23 years and one of Scandinavia's most sought after instructors. The award-winning director is known for his work with the classics. After The Pillars of Society he will be directing at the Opera House in Lyon, Dramaten in Stockholm and the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.

Set design: Nicolaj Spangaa.
Costume design: Karin Betz.
Co-disigner costume: Henrik Børgesen. 
Light design: Marianne Thallaug Wedset.
Sound design: Nils Wingerei. 
Dramaturg: Tine Thomassen.
Director's assistant: Pernille Skaansar. Producer: Rebecca Mathisen.

Kim Haugen, Iren Reppen, Anne Ryg, Per Christian Ellefsen, John S. Kristensen, Ida C. Klem, Julie Støp Husby, Nils Golberg Mulvik, Victor Berg, Daniel Karlsson og Martin Lotherington.

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