Peer Gynt (DE)

A woman of today!

By Simon Stone. Based on Henrik Ibsen. (Photo: Matthias Horn)

By Simon Stone. Based on Henrik Ibsen. (Photo: Matthias Horn)


18. SEPTEMBER 19:30
Nationaltheatret, Hovedscenen

The performance will have English surtitles.
Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes (with intermission).

The role Ibsen didn’t realize he was writing for the 21st century woman.

Henrik Ibsens Dramatic Poem Peer Gynt from 1867 has become myths in European theatre. The story of the liar and outsider, the queer fellow and adventurer, but also the egoist and loser, is the Odyssey of modern man looking for salvation.

In this adaption of Peer Gynt, the Australian director Simon Stone, one of the most important young directors in Europe, has rewritten and directed Ibsen’s classic. He has taken the same story, the same events, the same egotistical actions, the same neglect, disdain of society, selfish hedonism, sexual profligacy, greed, laziness and fuck-you attitude. And made Peer a woman.

“Our literature is full of men fucking themselves up only to find themselves again. It’s a male prerogative. Since the beginning of time we’ve romanticized the self-destruction of young men questioning societal boundaries, kicking against the pricks. But where are the women who fuck themselves up just because they can? Because they need to, because finding out who you really are requires the annihilation of self? Why is it a lot more worrying when a woman behaves like Peer?” asks Stone.

He also wonders why men get to keep all the adventures to themselves and why they have a monopoly on epiphanies. In Stone’s eyes, Peer Gynt is the most exciting role Ibsen didn’t realize he was writing for the 21st century woman.

Get a sneakpeak from the performance here:

One must admire Stone for his sovereign treatment of the classics.
— Der Spiegel
An inspiring and well played production.
— Teater haute

Simon Stone

Simon Stone (from Australia) is one of the most acclaimed young theater directors internationally today. He is known to adapt classics into intimate, almost cinematic performances. In 2007 he founded The Hayloft Project, and in 2011 he became resident director at Belvoir St Theatre in Sydney, where he wrote and directed a new version of Ibsen's The Wild Duck, which was shown during the Ibsen Festival in 2012, and was the only show with a waiting list. Stones adaptation of John Gabriel Borkman received The Nestroy Theatre Award in 2015 and was invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen.


Set designer: Bob Cousins

Costume designer: Alice Babidge

Music: Lars Wittershagen 

Dramaturg: Sybille Meier

Light designer: Susanne Ressin

With: Paul Herwig, Jonas Hien, Christoph Luser, Josef Ostendorf, Maria Schrader, Aljoscha Stadelmann, Ernst Stötzner, Bettina Stucky, Angela Winkler, Gala Othero Winter.
And: Rolf Bach, Rene Rodrigues Batista, Uwe Behrmann, Niels Christenhuß, Steffen Gottschling, Mete Güner, Moritz Konjack, Maik Mensching, Fabian Rogall.

Produced by Deutches SchauspielHaus Hamburg.

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