Panel discussion: Homer is my Homeboy

SPKRBOX invites everyone to a discussion about rap music and its complexity.


SEPTEMBER 9th 19:00
Nationaltheatret at Torshov, in the bar

SPKRBOX invites everyone to a discussion about rap music and its complexity.

Rap is often reduced to a musical genre with specific characteristics that are ridiculed and underestimated. Might the reason be that the listener lacks the understanding and knowledge needed to evaluate the genre in a fair and insightful way? No other musical genre is undergoing more scrutiny, censorship and judgment than hip-hop. What is the reason?

For hard-core rappers or fans, rap is an art form with a number of subgenres, all with their own characteristics. For this year's panel discussion, SPKRBOX has gathered a collection of rappers, journalists and hip-hop experts from the Nordic countries to discuss rap lyrics, cultural class differences, textual understanding, literary quality and other questions that might shed light on the art form. The gap spanning from Homer's works from antiquity, that are today regarded as classical literature and part of the western canon, to current rap lyrics is not as vast as some might believe.

The panel discussion is hosted by Tony Lorenzi, who in this discussion has as his starting-point different text examples from artists that demonstrate the genre's width, and talks about complexity, textual analysis and the – sometimes justified – criticism.


Tony Lorenzi

An artist with background in graffiti, who lives in Västerås in Sweden. He has a literary degree from The University of Stockholm, and has worked as a journalist and a teacher.