Monsters of Reality – The Mimesis Machine (NO/GR)

A real tragedy should entice fear and pity (Aristoteles, 335 B.C)

Concept/production: Siri Forberg. (Photo: Gisle Bjørnebye. Layout: Timon Botez)

Concept/production: Siri Forberg. (Photo: Gisle Bjørnebye. Layout: Timon Botez)


SEPTEMBER 25th 13:00–03:00
(includes afterparty at Jaeger Club)

Nationaltheatret, Hotel Continental, Nationaltheatret, Teaterplassen, The Audience Foyer, 
Hovedscenen, Amfiscenen, Malersalen, Jaeger Club.

“This is a poignant moment in Europe’s history. For this is the moment when Europe’s democratic soul is being buried. In Athens where it was born” – Yanis Varoufakis 

This is a one day happening. A constellation of invited artists from Norway and Greece will fill the gilded corridors of the National Theatre with live performance, installations and interactions, using fiction to get at truth. The audience will be guided around the theatre in which all of the stages and rooms are in play. What you will see today has never before been performed, nor rehearsed. You will never see it again. No seminars or panel discussions. Just the real thing. Real theatre. 

And in addition, Monsters of Reality proudly presents one guest performance – Run Now – by acclaimed Norwegian theatre director Pia Roll. NB: Malersalen has limited seating. It is therefore necessary to reserve a seating here by sending a mail to First come first served!


13:00–13:45: Nationaltheatret/Hotel Continental

What do the stars say about Europe?  This performance plays out as a focus group in the near future with four individuals and a moderator. Each one is briefed in the personas of Jean Monnet, Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand and his astrologer Elizabeth Teissier. 

14:15–14:45: Publikumsfoajeen and Hovedscenen

The foyer opera The Sirens is inspired by the mythological creatures that lured sailors into death with their seductive song. The opera portrays a world in decay, a Europe in torment and distress. The siren Greece is played by mezzo soprano Désiré Baraula. The siren choir Europe is conducted by Ida Cecilie Holm.

MONSTER SINS (influx artist collective/GR)
14:50–15.00: Hovedscenen

A version of the Ibsen Scholarship 2015 winning project Case Study I: The Sins of the Fathers. A contorted figure of a child, a distorted figure of a parent and a sculptor will guide you along unexpected paths into the recent history of Greece.  


BLINK (Blind Spot/GR)
15:15–16:15: Amfiscenen

Four players step on stage. They are carefully selected. A crowd of children are watching. As ordinary and as special as the rest of us, they will speak and act with honesty, ready to reveal secret thoughts, brave enough to be themselves, to overcome their fears and step forward.
BREAK Souvlakis & Beer
16:15–17:15: Publikumsfojaeen and surrounding areas

We are treating the audience to a juicy souvlaki and Ibsen Festival water. Beer and wine for sale!

THIS IS A GREAT DAY (NationalApology)
Publikumsfoajeen and surrounding areas.

A videowork looped on a monitor. 

SISTE SKRIK (Helle Siljeholm/NO)
17:15–18:30: Publikumsfoajeen

Welcome to «Siste Skrik» – an art auction by Helle Siljeholm! 
Treasures from the National Theatre will be sold to the highest bidder. The artists Dag Erik Elgin, Karin Erixon, Fadlabi and Inga Sund Hofset are auctioning off original artworks. With Ksenia Aksenova and Christine Kjellberg.

RUN NOW (Pia Maria Roll/NO)
(16.30) 17:00–18:00: Malersalen

The acclaimed performance Run Now by theatre director Pia Maria Roll will be shown at the Malersalen where seating is limited. It is therefore necessary to reserve a seating here by sending a mail to First come first served! With Sara Baban and Buzhan Baban.

MONSTER SINS (Influx artist collective/GR)
18:30–19:00: Publikumsfoajeen

Coffee or tea? The artists Korina Vasileiadou, Charis Pechlivanidis (influx artist collective) and Martha Foka finish off their tour of Greece’s recent history by inviting the audience in for a performative Q&A.  

HELP – IT'S A LAIV! by The group formerly known as Publikum (Trine Falch, Mona Solhaug, Bo K Wallström, Martin Langlie/NO)
19:15–20:00: Hovedscenen

We are trapped inside a house that the bourgeoisie built to stage their problems, which always took place on stage. Nowadays the whole house seems staged and problems might pop up anywhere. When the problems reach the stalls, the audience are no longer themselves.

20:30–21:00: Hovedscenen

The artists have explored the Greek myth of Narcissus, a hunter who was known for his beauty, and who stared at his reflection in a pool until he died. Using this image and the text of Peter Handke, the artists try to investigate the plea of Narcissus.

BEETHOVEN REMIX (Universet with Bård Torgersen & Kenneth Ishak + David Torch og Robin Snasen Rengård/NO)
21:00–21:15: Hovedscenen

This rendition of Beethoven’s 9th was originally created for Ultima festival and will be performed live on Hovedscenen. This European Anthem has been stripped down and the parts recycled into an electronic remix. Bård Torgersen will give voice to his own poem PHONE HOME (ode to weariness).

THE RITUAL (Rafika Chawishe with Lambros Pigounis and Ioannis Karounis/GR)
22:00: Jaeger Club (Grensen 9)

Inside a club, wrapped in the holy beat, one can act instinctively, reaching back to basic human desires. This performance takes place at the Jaeger club. Afterwards the Monsters audience is invited to join the afterparty at the same venue. This night resident DJ Olanskii will be the musical host.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Arts Council and KORO. In collaboration with the Norwegian Center for New Playwriting, the National Theatre, the Norwegian Embassy in Athens and the Norwegian Institute of Athens. 


Siri Forberg



Participating artists: 

Blindspot theatre group (Yota Argyropoulou & Michalis Konstantatos) (GR), Rafika Chawishe (GR), Trine Falch (NO), Crispin Gurholt (NO), influx artist collective (Charis Pechlivanidis & Korina Vasileiadou) (GR), Victoria Meirik (NO), Poka-Yio (GR), Pia Maria Roll (NO), Helle Siljeholm (NO), Mona Solhaug (NO), Bo Krister Wallström (NO) og Universet (Kenneth Ishak & Bård Torgersen).

Photo: Helle Siljeholm. Sound: "Moving Mountains" (David Gurrik, Leif Frimann Koren and Andreas Grøtterud).

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