Little Europa (IT)

The family that made our little Europe into a monster.

By Gabriele Paolocà, based on Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf. (Photo: Roberto Palermo)

By Gabriele Paolocà, based on Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf. (Photo: Roberto Palermo)


Nationaltheatret, Amfiscenen

The performance will be performed in English.
Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes (without intermission).

Meet little Europa – a child and a monster, who caused a rupture in his dysfunctional family.

Imagine a transposition of Little Eyolf, in which Ibsen’s Rita Allmers becomes an upper-class Scandinavian woman, while Alfred Allmers becomes a daydreamer from Southern Europe: they are the parents of little Europa, a child with a rare, mysterious disease, a small monster, the cause of rupture in a dysfunctional family. 

In the performance Little Europa Europa isn’t the beautiful queen known from the myth, he is rather a relative of the bull who made her pregnant – a minotaurus who causes horror and at the same time pity. A child whom neither the Father nor the Mother can bear to live with, and which causes the end of their love, and of that ideal of perfect union which had made them fall in love. 

Whereas Ibsen’s characters watched the horizon over the mountains and saw a new, moral aim in life, in Little Europa there is nothing beyond the horizon. In its post-apocalyptical landscape, there will be no new moral, no taking of responsibility: the errors of the past have been forgotten, and nothing is there to make you think that mankind isn’t ready to repeat them.

Little Europa is the second chapter of VicoQuartoMazzini’s Ibsen trilogy, which investigates how Ibsen can speak into our contemporary world.


Festival performances:
13. SEPTEMBER 19:30
14. SEPTEMBER 20:00

Michele Altamura and Gabriele Paolocà

Michele Altamura and Gabriele Paolocà both graduated from the Theatre Academy of Udine in 2010. Since then, they have worked on building up their own company, experimenting with different constellations of actors and directors or actors-who-are-directors. They often work with their own texts, but in the last two years they have turned first to Pirandello and then to Ibsen, creating an Ibsen-trilogy, of which Little Europa is the second part. 

Set design: Alessandro Ratti. Sound design and music: Daniele de Virgilio.
Light design: Daniele Passeri. Costumes: Cristiana Suriani and Flavia Tomassi. Technical director: Stefano Rolla. Technician: Marco Oligeri.

Actors: Michele Altamura, Gemma Carbone, Gabriele Paolocà, Maria Teresa Tanzarella.

Produced by VicoQuartoMazzini Company.

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