CONCERT: Ibsen meets Ibsen

Laid-back concert Journey where Ibsen meets Ibsen

Photo: Dagfinn Hobæk

Photo: Dagfinn Hobæk


Festival Bar

Enjoy a wonderful laid-back concert journey, where Greece meets Norway, the music meets history – and Ibsen meets Ibsen.

In September 1899, A Greek warship called at Kristiania, with a young officer on board who has dreamed of travelling "to Ibsen’s country". The meeting must have made a great impression. In any event, the young officer later became one of the most important playwrights in Greece.

Through the young officer, Greece and Henrik Ibsen met nearly 120 years ago. The young pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos has lived with this connection his entire life, with both Greek and Norwegian ancestors, as well as by bearing Ibsen’s name. Now, he wishes to communicate the travelogue that he found by chance at a second-hand bookshop in the US, via a concert during the Ibsen Festival.

The fantastic trip has become a concert journey, which shows that Greece, Henrik Ibsen and piano music certainly can be unified – and result in a laid-back musical performance, where Greece meets Norway, the music meets history – and the pianist Ibsen meets the playwright Ibsen.

Together with Per Sundnes and actor Sigurd Myhre, Stefan Zlatanos Ibsen pilots you through a concert full of mystical forests, elves, intoxication and a bunch of Stefan’s favourite pieces for piano.

About Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos: Stefan Ibsen is a versatile and sought-after freelance pianist. This autumn, he will be releasing his first solo album.