Instant SPKRBOX 3

Five days, five people. A meeting between the hip-hop scene and the theatre scene.


SEPTEMBER 10th 18.00

Nationaltheatret at Torshov

Day one: the first meeting. Day five: performance for the audience. The sky is the limit.

Instant SPKRBOX is a performance concept that saw the light of day during SPKRBOX 2015. This year we bring the success further and arrange stagings of three different instant SPKRBOX-shows.

  • Five different artists meet. Some for the very first time.
  • They are given a time span of five days. The task: to explore the hip-hop theatre genre.
  • The project culminates in a staging for the SPKRBOX audience.



With: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen (director), Siriann Petronella Berdal (actor), Jeannine M. Lukusa (slam poet), Rasmus Rhode (spoken word artist) and Andreas Nesteby Obrenovic (writer).