Instant SPKRBOX 2

Five days, five people. A meeting between the hip-hop scene and the theatre scene.


SEPTEMBER 6th 20.45
Dramatikkens hus

Day one: the first meeting. Day five: performance for the audience. The sky is the limit.

Instant SPKRBOX is a performance concept that saw the light of day during SPKRBOX 2015. In collaboration with Dramatikkens hus we bring the success further, and this year we arrange stagings of two different SPKRBOX-productions.

  • Five different artists meet. Some for the very first time.
  • They are given a time span of five days. The task: to explore the hip-hop theatre genre.
  • The project culminates in a staging for the SPKRBOX audience.

We arrange a discussion after the staging.



With: Jens Wergeland (director), Toril Solvang (writer), Maria Karlsen (rapper/singer), Hildur Kristinsdottir (actor) and Droolian (beatboxer).