When Peer Gynt no longer knows who he is.

By Markus&Markus. (Photo: Paula Reissig)  

By Markus&Markus. (Photo: Paula Reissig)



Nationaltheatret, Amfiscenen

The performance will have English surtitles.
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes (without intermission).

Peer Gynt as a dementia patient in a wild and radical version of Ibsen’s classic.

Ibsen broke taboos. He looked into living rooms and developed dramas from real situations. He managed to use individuals as inspiration for his plays. But is it possible to turn this principle upside down: To find individuals, whose problems have been described in the play, who cope with today's conflicts and prejudices?

In the radical theater collective Markus&Markus’s version of Ibsen‘s classic, Peer Gynt is Herbert – an old man and dementia patient. A man who brings us to the boundaries of reality and fiction, who attacks our version of reality, develops theories on language and has fantastic insights.

Someone who‘s no longer able to grasp reality or communicate properly, like dementia patients, are often at risk of being expelled from human society. Some philosophers even deny that dementia patients have person status. But Markus&Markus knows that reality is a flexible construct. They have trusted their Peer and followed him into his world. They have walked along with him, along a road with no walls, no boundaries and with no looking back.

The button-moulder wants to re-mould Peer's soul into a grotesque lead figurine. He can prevent this fate only by proving that throughout his life he was truly himself. But what is one's true self? And what is true when a person is no longer able to define themselves anymore?

IBSEN: PEER GYNT is part of Markus&Markus´ IBSEN:TRILOGY.

Did you know ...

... That IBSEN: PEER GYNT is full of popular culture references: Music from Game of Thrones, Interstellar and The Social Network, and songs by Pink Floyd, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

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The theater collective Markus&Markus from Hildesheim, Germany, has had a reputation for radical political theater since 2011. Through the confrontation of documentations of reality with the stage as an illusion machine, the group blurs the borders between staging and reality. Their style is often described as "radically perfectionless". The collective's productions have received awards - including an award from the Kapitalismusschredder (Capitalism Shredder) festival – and have been invited to numerous festivals in Europe. 


Markus&Markus means: Katarina Eckold, Manuela Pirozzi, Lara-Joy Hamann, Markus Schäfer ans Markus Wenzel.

Produced by Markus&Markus.



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