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WORK IN PROGRESS – great minds from the hip hop scene in collaboration with great minds from the theater scene

Photo: Emilie Pat. Williams.

Photo: Emilie Pat. Williams.


SEPTEMBER 10th 19:30
Nationaltheatret at Torshov

(Ibsen said it better, but still – you can't read your way there, you have to walk the distance yourself)

Svein Tindberg and Fredrik Høyer. One seasoned actor who knows his Ibsen, and one young, up-and-coming poet. Both seek meaning through words, and to both, words give meaning. Their quest for knowledge has taken them to a meditation camp in India and to the holy city, Jerusalem, but is this really where the answer can be found? Is the answer really in a one-room flat at Grønland? Or in the stage lights on the main stage?

Fredrik and Svein search, look and play. With words, tempo, genres and rhymes. It is a clash of hip-hop and theatre. Together with musician Peter Baden, they move in an electronic and rythmic landscape. Between classical text and spoken word. A meeting between two wordsmiths and a rythm artist.

The nice thing about art, is that it is ageless. From the first time I heard Fredrik, I have felt a relation to him and wanted to do a project with him. We are ready. Fredrik Høyer, Svein Tindberg, Henrik Ibsen.”
— Svein Tindberg

WORK IN PROGRESS - great minds from the hip hop scene in collaboration with great minds from the theater scene

SPKRBOX works with the spreading of new, urban performing arts in Norway. During the first SPKRBOX festival in 2014, guests from abroad were a big part of the program. The very next year, several collaborations between Norwegian and foreign artists and stage performers were established, like in the show Do Not Shine, a production with artists from Norway, USA and Iceland, which after a trial period in New York and shows during SPKRBOX 2015, was invited to perform during the theater festival «Poetic License» in New York earlier this year.

The Trondheim production The Trond Wiger Fucking Life Show is another example of new Norwegian contemporary drama SPKRBOX has been involved in the production of. In collaboration with Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Nord-Trøndelag Teater, SPKRBOX brought together the Trøndelag based rapper Trond Wiger, playwright Kristofer Grønskag and director Kjersti Haugen. The result was a critically acclaimed show staged during SPKRBOX 2015, with a subsequent tour of Trøndelag and Sentralen in Oslo.

This year we proudly present a SPKRBOX festival with a main focus on Norwegian and Nordic collaborations, with shows, works-in-progress and the concept instant SPKRBOX.

SPKRBOX 2016 will stage three work-in-progress shows. These three projects are based in the artists and their performance ideas, which SPKRBOX then has taken under its wings and given an opportunity for development and realization. Work-in-progress is lab work: great minds from the hip hop scene in collaboration their counterparts from the theater scene. All three work-in-progress groups have been given a limited number of trial days, culminating in a performance during this year's festival.


Liv Marie Skaare Baden

Svein Tindberg

Svein Tindberg is an actor who has worked at most theatres in Norway, and has been employed for several years at Det Norske Teatret. Svein has been especially noticed for his big one-man productions: Evangeliet etter Markus, Apostlenes gjerninger og Abrahams Barn. For a younger audience he is perhaps best known as the narrator of The Moomins.

Fredrik Høyer

Fredrik Høyer is a Norwegian author and poet from Drammen, who lives in Oslo. He is primarily known for his performances in spoken word and slam poetry, where he creates a mix of rap and stage effects in texts about almost anything, but often with a reflective and serious undercurrent. 

Peter Baden

Peter Skaare Baden is a producer, composer and drummer from Oslo. He works with electronic improvised music, jazz/popular music, film music, theater music and other styles. Peter plays drums live as well as working with live sampling and improvisation with electronics and computers.