Hiphop was raised on the block

WORK IN PROGRESS  – great minds from the hip hop scene in collaboration with great minds from the theatre scene

Photo: Mathias Fossum.

Photo: Mathias Fossum.


SEPTEMBER 9th 21:00
Nationaltheatret at Torshov

Hiphop was raised on the block is a concert show about growing up, identity and the sense of belonging. About Groruddalen, class struggle and discovering who you are and where you are going.

The notion that hip hop was created in an apartment building is also a historical fact. It is also a historical fact that Martin and Jonathan grew up in apartment buildings. Apartment buildings in Groruddalen. Hiphop was raised on the block is a concert where the audience is brought behind the music of Don Martin, Boss Castro and Fela. Are we the place we come from? How did we become who we are, and how did music come out of it? In the performance, the artists go in and out of rhythm and rhymes. Maybe they even erase the boundary between the two.

Don Martin is a rapper, DJ and writer. He was a central figure in the rap group Gatas Parlament for years. Don Martin released his first solo album in 2013, En Gang Romsåsgutt Alltid Romsåsgutt, which secured him a Spellemann Award. He was presented with the Nopas Award for best lyrics of the year for the song Nilsen.

Jonathan "Boss" Castro is a rapper, runs his own record label and is known through his work with youth at Antirasistisk Ungdomsavdeling Agenda X, among other places. In 2010 he started the extra-curricular school activity HipHop 101 at Rommen school, a free class for young music enthusiasts.

Felipe "Fela" is a rapper who was first known through the Haugenstua group Breaknecks. He has released to solo albums and one EP together with the duo Degos. His debut D.U.R.E was named Årets Hiphop-album by Wimp in 2012. His new album R.Å.E. was released in May 2016.

The hand you are dealt are the cards you have to play.
— Don Martin in the song Del av meg

WORK IN PROGRESS – great minds from the hip hop scene in collaboration with great minds from the theater scene

 SPKRBOX works with the spreading of new, urban performing arts in Norway. During the first SPKRBOX festival in 2014, guests from abroad were a big part of the program. The very next year, several collaborations between Norwegian and foreign artists and stage performers were established, like in the show Do Not Shine, a production with artists from Norway, USA and Iceland, which after a trial period in New York and shows during SPKRBOX 2015, was invited to perform during the theatre festival «Poetic License» in New York earlier this year.

The Trondheim production The Trond Wiger Fucking Life Show is another example of new Norwegian contemporary drama SPKRBOX has been involved in the production of. In collaboration with Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Nord-Trøndelag Teater, SPKRBOX brought together the Trøndelag based rapper Trond Wiger, playwright Kristofer Grønskag and director Kjersti Haugen. The result was a critically acclaimed show staged during SPKRBOX 2015, with a subsequent tour of Trøndelag and Sentralen in Oslo.

This year we proudly present a SPKRBOX festival with a main focus on Norwegian and Nordic collaborations, with shows, works-in-progress and the concept instant SPKRBOX.

SPKRBOX 2016 will stage three work-in-progress shows. These three projects are based in the artists and their performance ideas, which SPKRBOX then has taken under it's wings and given an opportunity for development and realization. Work-in-progress is lab work: great minds from the hiphop scene in collaboration with their counterparts from the theatre scene. All three work-in-progress groups have been given a limited number of trial days, culminating in a performance during this year's festival.


Morten Joachim og Cici Henriksen

Contributing: Don Martin (rapper), Jonathan «Boss» Castro (rapper) and Felipe «Fela» Orellana Castro (rapper).