Hedda Gabler at Sæterhytten (NO)

Get close to Hedda Gabler in Juni Dahr´s Visjoner Teater (Theatre of Visions) – from the inside of Hedda's house.

By Henrik Ibsen. Idea and performance concept by Juni Dahr. (Photo: Anders Lien)  

By Henrik Ibsen. Idea and performance concept by Juni Dahr. (Photo: Anders Lien)



SEPTEMBER 13th, 14th AND 15th
Sæterhytten in Bygdøy

The performance will be performed in Norwegian.
Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes.

One of the most intimate stage in the Ibsen festival is not a stage at all. 

You might be one of the lucky ones to receive an invitation into the living-room of Hedda Gabler, at Sæterhytten, Bygdøy. There, you will experience Ibsen from the inside of Hedda's house. You can not get closer than during this performance.

Juni Dahr is the artistic director of Visjoner Teater, an actor-based theater. She has developed a distinct artistic profile, which is unique in the Norwegian theater landscape, and the performances have appeared in several international theater festivals. The venues are often non-traditional. Visjoner Teater and Juni Dahr has received several awards for their artistic work. Hedda Gabler at Sæterhytten was nominated for The Hedda Award 2011 for “outstanding artistic achievement.”   Hedda Gabler was in Iran at the Int. Fadjr Festival in 2016, at the International Teaterfestival of Almada, Lisboa Portugal in July 2016 and will go to Japan in November 2016 and to Romania in 2017.

To tour a site specific performance of Hedda Gabler is a challenge, the intimate spaces are carefully chosen and adjustments made as the ensemble move into a small new house with environment. Visjoner Teater often uses the nature and the outside as performing space as well. 

The original small house Sæterhytten, witch is part of The Royal Estate at Bygdø, adds a new dimension to Hedda Gabler. The environment and landscape form a part of Hedda Gabler's world, with daylight slowly fading, the city in the distance, sky, trees and birds. 


Festival performances:
13. SEPTEMBER 15:00          14. SEPTEMBER 15:00
15. SEPTEMBER 18:00

Juni Dahr

Director: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen with the actors.

Text adaption: Juni Dahr og Tonje Gotschalksen.

Costume Designer: Silje Fjellberg.
Producer: Marianne Roland.

Hedda Gabler: Juni Dahr.
Jørgen Tesman: Lars Øyno.
Eilert Løvborg: Hauk Heyerdahl.
Judge Brack: Kai Remlov.
Thea Elvsted: Nina Woxholtt.

Produced by Visjoner Teater.

More than 40 Norwegian and international performances! 

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