Hedda Gabler (NO)

What's up with Hedda Gabler?

By Henrik Ibsen. Adapted by Lars Erik Holter. (Photo: Gisle Bjørneby)

By Henrik Ibsen. Adapted by Lars Erik Holter. (Photo: Gisle Bjørneby)


SEPTEMBER 16th and 17th.

The performance will be performed in Norwegian.
Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes (without intermission).

How can someone so beautiful be raving mad? Has she lost her grip on reality? What is wrong with Hedda Gabler?

We are still captivated by this mysterious character. She is attractive, unpleasant and manipulative. Why?

Teater Innlandet's version of the Ibsen classic is rough, funny and vivid, and the actress in the eponymous role, Ragne Grande, has been critically acclaimed for her interpretation of Hedda Gabler. But Hedda is not the only fascinating aspect – the production contains many enthralling human portraits in a compelling and exciting reality. The scenography is in itself a psychological situation report, framing a clear, powerful and insightful performance.

The script has been modernized by director Lars Erik Holter, and the production was played at Teater Innlandet in autumn 2015.

Get a sneakpeak of the performance here:

Psychologically strong, insightful and clear.
— Dagbladet
Without dead spots.
— Klassekampen

Festival performances:
16. SEPTEMBER 19:30
17. SEPTEMBER 14:00
17. SEPTEMBER 18:00

Lars Erik Holter

Lars Erik Holter (born May 15 1965) has a degree from Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo, and since 1995 he has worked as an actor and a director at different theatres, in addition to producing his own pieces at free theatres. The Hedda-nominated director has also participated in the development of the education programme for acting studies at Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo, and has held positions as department head and main teacher in acting at the academy. Holter’s two productions during the 2006/2007 season, «Helten på den grønne øya» at Det Norske Teater in Oslo and «Våre foreldres seksuelle nevroser» at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen, were both nominated to the Hedda Award for best direction. Holter now works as a freelance stage director and as acting professor at Teaterhøgskolen, KHI.

Set and costume design: Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen. 
Composers: Jane Kelly and Sindre Hotvedt.
Light designer: Kåre Nordseth. 
Video designer: Andreas Holm.
Makeup: Julie Clark.

Actors: Ragne Grande, Herman Bernhoft, Helle Haugsgjerd, Duc Mai-The and Åsmund Brede Eike.

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