Getting there

When was the last time you disappointed yourself, and what are you going to do about it?

By Sofia Knudsen Estifanos. (Photo: Lars Venner)

By Sofia Knudsen Estifanos. (Photo: Lars Venner)


 SEPTEMBER 8th 19:30
Nationaltheatret at Torshov


«Once upon a time, there was a princess. She was as clean and happy as the day was long, and the king and everybody loved her. She lived in a house with a big bed, countless DVDs and a kitchen cabinet with four cups and two plates with her name either engraved or painted on them. One of the plates was even made out of plastic, and could not be smashed. She read this as a sign.»

This is the beginning of the fairytale about The Princess. She got a national investment fund as a christening gift, social democratic cow milk in her birthday cake, watered-out war blood in her veins and was entered into the national register at the top of Need Peak up north, before she got on a train and travelled out in the World.

We are all princes and princesses in our own fairytale. For sometimes life is just this: an adventure. Sometimes life is a train cruising towards all the best the world has to offer. Sometimes the sun is your own personal cheering gang. Sometimes it just can't get any better. Right now. For you. Only thing is, there are so many others travelling the exact same distance. In another train coach. Or with another means of transportation. And it is when we meet these other people, we meet our own limitations.

Getting there is a simple, colourful and musical slam poetry performance for young and old. It is a little story, from a little life, about a little moment that ended up as something big. It is about how we view ourselves. About how we can be both the best and the worst simultaneously. About balance. About falling. About bathing in glitter, seeing yourself in the mirror, asking yourself one of the Important Questions and maybe getting the answer «no» in Return.

The production is supported by Kulturrådet and Fond for utøvende kunstnere.


WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY Sofia Knudsen Estifanos

Sofia Knudsen Estifanos has degrees from Nordic Black Express (2009–11) and Teaterhøgskolen in Nord-Trøndelag (HiNT, 2011–14). She works as an actress, TV hostess, slam poet and storyteller. Getting there is her first production of one of her own works. The title is taken from an article by Knut Nærum. It keeps her a tad awake at night. (The production, not the theft. If there were any doubt.) But luckily, she is not alone. It is probably best that way.

Other actors: Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa, Erik Bauck Bårdstu og Ulrik Tangen.