Lecture by Jacob Kimvall

Cracks in the walls

Photo: Jacob Kimvall.

Photo: Jacob Kimvall.


SEPTEMBER 7th 18:30
At Nordic Black Theatre/Caféteatret

Hip-hop is a culture with heavy emphasis on history and storytelling. However, there are big differences between the subcultural stories and what ends up in public, institutional history. With Keith Haring’s painting Crack is Wack in New York as an example and starting point, art historian and former graffiti painter Jacob Kimvall discusses the differences between subcultural and institutional storytelling, based on cultural appropriation and subcultural capital.

Jacob Kimvall is an art scholar with special knowledge of graffiti and street art. In the fall of 2014, he presented his doctoral thesis The G-Word: Virtuosity and Violation, Negotiating and Transforming Graffiti, which debates how graffiti is created in an interplay between different institutions in society and subcultural graffiti artists. Kimvall has himself a background as a graffiti painter, and in 1992 was one of the founders of the international graffiti magazine Underground Productions (UP), which he worked with for almost 15 years.




Jacob Kimvall