Lecture by Baba Israel

The City's own Cipher: Theatre and Rituals of Community

Photo: Emilie Pat. Williams.

Photo: Emilie Pat. Williams.


SEPTEMBER 6th 20.00
At Dramatikkens hus

Theatre is based on the storyteller and ancient popular rituals, with connections to community and society. Up through the years, there has been a change, and today theatre is more formal – something reserved for the elite. Many examples of contemporary theatre lack the diversity of a modern city when it comes to performers, content and audience.

Many radical cultural currents have challenged this paradigm: from Boal's «Theatre of the Oppressed» to playback theatre, from Grotowski to The Living Theatre. All of them have had an agenda to change theatre and find a way back to its ritualistic roots. In the USA, the «Black Arts» movement challenged Western theatre and has given life to new forms and branches.

Hiphop theatre is a merging of hiphop – a dynamic, interdisciplinary culture – and a plethora of theatrical influences. How does hiphop theatre affect society, and what is our relationship to both the traditional and the heritage from radical art movements?

Together with dramaturge Matilde Holdhus, Baba Israel will explore these questions about the role of hip-hop theatre in Norway and the rest of the world.


Baba Israel

Baba Israel is an acclaimed American hip-hop artist from New York. He is a rapper, spoken word artist and a popular lecturer.